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Digital Wellness in UX Series (Part I): Something Happened on the Way to Heaven

I have been working in the field of User Experience for two decades now. During [...]

The Heart of the Matter: How improving EHR usability can be the key to higher quality care, improved patient safety, and a better healthcare system for all

“User-friendly” is a term that comes up increasingly often in the context of Electronic Health [...]

A Return to Critical Thinking

The well-known journalist and political commentator, Walter Lippman, believed that the general population does not [...]

Social Media: Harnessing the Power of “Social Objects” and Constructivism

Climbing the Social Ladder Clay Shirky spoke at Harvard Law School two years ago and [...]

Consumer Psychology: When Will the Villagers Grab Their Pitchforks?

The word “advertising” has a rather benign and practical definition. According to Merriam-Webster, advertising is [...]

Web Bias: Biased By What We Don’t See

In my past couple of blog posts, I discussed, in considerable depth, the nature of [...]

Web Bias: Hacks, Hammers, and Hate

Discovering Bias Through Reverse Engineering and Hacking I find it interesting that determining bias in [...]

Urban Legends: The Biases Inherent in “Authoritative” Sources

One of the first things that Michael Shermer says in his “Baloney Detection Kit” video [...]

Urban Legends: The Nature of Authenticity on the Web

By now, it is cliche to say that the internet has fundamentally changed how we [...]

Sound Effects on Affect

United by Music Early this morning – 2 am to be exact – most Americans [...]

A Personal Definition of Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking as a Holistic Practice For almost three weeks now, my new classmates and [...]

My Introduction…

How Did I End Up Here?? I first discovered the field of Media Psychology and [...]