Medication Management (Adherence and Reconciliation) Web App Design

This client of mine is a healthcare analytics company that provides a cloud-based predictive software [...]

Design Systems at NaviNet and Toast

I was brought into both NaviNet and Toast to build a robust User Experience discipline [...]

NaviNet Open: Next-Generation Multi-Payer Provider Portal

The NaviNet Open next-generation multi-payer provider portal is a culmination of 3 years of hard [...]

NaviNet User Experience Wall

As the head of the User Experience department at NaviNet, I feel it is very [...]

NaviNet Value-Based Programs Application Design

Every year, NaviNet puts aside a few days to allow all employees to exclusively work [...]

NaviNet Configuration Framework Contextual Field Study

As our productized NaviNet Open portal was finally being realized, we recognized a need [...]

NaviNet Core Admin Contextual Field Study

This was the second major field study that I conducted with NaviNet. For this study, [...]

NaviNet Care Collaboration Contextual Field Study and Patient Dashboard

Obamacare and other forces have significantly changed the landscape of healthcare. Many provider offices are [...]